Rental Information

We try to make the process of leasing an apartment for rent in Moscow and Lewiston, ID as simple as possible. We’ve collected the most commonly requested information for both current and potential tenants below. If your question is not answered in this section, please contact us and we will be happy to help you!


Minimum Leasing Requirements

We are thrilled that you are interested in leasing with Lauder Management. As a reminder, please do not apply to any sites for any units as our $50 application fees are non-refundable for any reason(s). Your leasing agent will walk you through the touring, leasing and application processes. We do not release or consider applications prior to viewing an apartment with a leasing agent. After you have toured with an agent, we will send you a personalized link to apply with instructions on how to submit it.

Here are the minimum requirements to be able to lease through Lauder Management:

– Risk assessment score of 600+. This score is not your FICO credit score but very closely related. The application system will be screening for: accounts in collections, charge offs, bankruptcy, foreclosures and timeframes. Failure to meet this qualification may lead to a denial.
– Current local monthly income (~2.5x the monthly rent of the desired unit).
– Ability to pass a criminal background check (felonies or violent offenses may lead to a disqualification, but your agent will be able to advise further).

Based on your individual results, your application will be approved (or denied). If you cannot meet these requirements, we will ask for a guarantor or additional deposit(s). A cosigner will need to submit an application, qualify with the same requirements, pay the fees, and be approved. Deposits may range anywhere from 1x-2x the rental rate of the desired unit.


Leasing Process

If you are interested in leasing through Lauder Management, please take a moment to read through this as our process is a bit different than most.

  1. We will primarily reach out to you via email. As we deal with a lot of folks throughout the day, this is the easier way for your staff to keep track of your application process.
  2. Once you connect with a leasing agent and they gather information about the rental you are seeking; they will inform you of current availability and suggest a time to show you the property and the unit of interest.
  3. After you tour the unit with one of our leasing agents, they will send you an email application. These applications will require an ID as well as current paystubs to verify net income and identity.
  4. Once your application is approved, you will receive a confirmation/approval.
  5. The lease will be sent tout to you via DocuSign for all tenants/occupants/guarantors for everyone to review and sign.

We highly encourage all tenants to reach out to our team via email first as it is the fastest and easiest way to contact us. A great email to use is: or please feel free to use the “contact Us” feature on this site. Our number is (208) 596-4341. If you cannot reach someone, please leave a voicemail with your name and phone number, we check daily!


Early Lease Termination

We understand that life circumstances can unexpectedly change. In order to terminate your lease early, these are the steps that must be taken:

1. Tenant must provide a written early termination notice with a specific move-out date, which must be no less than 30 days from the date of the notice.

2. Tenants will be sent a DocuSign form that all parties must review and sign via email.

3. Tenant shall pay an early termination fee equal to 2 times the monthly rental rate within 24 hours of the early termination notice. Tenant will be held responsible for prorated rent if your 30 day notice goes into the next month.

4. If tenant fails to pay the early termination fee within 24 hours of the early termination notice, Tenant’s notice will be considered null and void and a new 30 day notice will be required.

5. The security deposit refund will follow the standard process outlined in the Lease Contract and will be returned via USPS Mail. Please ensure that your forwarding address is current and correct.


Billing and Payments

Rent payments must be made through one of the following methods:

1.) Online via

2.) Check/Money Order – Please check your property information packet or contact your leasing agent. Each property has a unique payee name.

  • In the memo line: include the full address with the unit number.

3.) Mail to:

  • 301 S. Main Street, Suite #201, Moscow, ID, 83843 (For Moscow & Lewiston tenants)
  • 755 N Main St. Suite C, Pocatello, ID 83204 (For Pocatello tenants)
  • 222 NW 45th Street, Oakland park 33309 (For Florida tenants)

4.) Cash Payments: Please be aware that we do not accept cash as a form of rent payment.

5.) Credit Card/Debit Card Payments: If you choose to make your rent payment using a credit card or debit card, please note that RentCafe (not Lauder) will charge a service fee for this convenience.
Bank Account Payments: If you prefer to make payments from your bank account, please be aware that it will take approximately 3-5 business days for the “penny test” to be processed. Rent Cafe will initiate a small deposit (under $0.10) into your bank account. Once you receive this deposit, you will need to log into Rentcafe, enter the deposit amount, and verify your account. Only after the account is verified can you use it for rent payments.